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Experience the Difference

 The Bogner family and staff of dedicated licensed funeral directors are available at any time to assist you and your family.  We are here to walk with you and to provide help and guidance so that the services may be a healing experience. 

For over 55 years the Bogner Family has proudly served the needs of our community with caring and compassionate services, always keeping in mind that we are here to serve.   As the needs of our community have evolved over the years, so have the services we provide.   So in 2013, we became the first traditional funeral home in Lorain County to have a crematory on site.   Therefore, if cremation is what is chosen, we hope that it gives you peace of mind to know we can provide this service without your loved one having to leave our care. 

We believe that every life is worth celebrating.  When a loved one has passed it can be a very difficult time, but we are here to help start the healing process.  By providing a meaningful service, we can mark the passing and celebrate the life that has been lived.  But more importantly the service can help those who survive to go on.   The services can provide an opportunity for family and friends to show their love and support.  It is comforting to know that you are not alone and that the people around you care.

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