Healing Arts Workshop-Art for Relaxation: Kirigami


Tuesday, Mar. 16, 2021 - 6PM


Tuesday, Mar. 23, 2021 - 7:30PM

Kirigami is a variation on Origami, the Japanese art of paper-folding. Kirigami involves cutting concentric paper circles in interesting ways, then curling and manipulating the paper and the cut out parts to make an intricate 3-D paper sculpture. It looks complicated but is simple to make. The focus will be on the creative process.

We use the Microsoft Teams platform, which is similar to Zoom. Resgistered participants will receive an email invitation that provides a link to join the workshop at the designated time. Each workshop consists of two sessions, a week apart. At the first session, a theme or topic is introduced, and we have a discussion. Then you will be given instructions on the art assignment and the required basic supplies will be shipped to you. Complete your art assignment during the week, then join us for the second session to share and talk about your art. The supplies will be new and yours to keep.

Call Mollie Borgione at 216-486-6544 of email [email protected] to register no later than two weeks in advance of the the workshop date.

We have waived our suggested donation for supplies during the pandemic; however, if you wish to make a donation to the Healing Arts Program, go to www.hospicewr.org and click "Giving Back" to find out how.

Tuesdays, March 16 and 23, 6:00-7:30 p.m.